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Influencers at ESWC Africa

For the second year in a row, ESWC stops into Morocco. After its first edition with more than 8,000 visitors, inwi renews its trust in ESWC to offer the moroccan public an even more ambitious event.

Once again, ESWC is surrounded with famous casters and influenceurs from different gamers communities to make the show:  

  • Commenting the League of Legends tournament, you’ll retrieve Gob and Nono for the french cast. Arabophonic audience will be lucky enough to see Fox and Mspoppygod accompanying the competition.
  • For the FIFA20 tournament, Bruce and Brak will be coming all the way to Casablanca to make the public move!
  • The Fortnite tournament and its 8 games will be entirely casted by Nameless and Le Royaliste. For this competition, 4 LeStream players Xari, Nems, Fayaw and Vermax will be joining the moroccan players.


  • And to orchestrate the show Maxildan, the official ESWC host, will be on the main stage during this two days event.
  • Lutti will also be part of the team, allowing you to discover the event backstages.
  • Finally, the moroccan audience will have the chance to assist each day to a showmatch with the PSG esport players from the FIFA section.

Retrieve all the event program on the dedicated page!