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ESWC Africa 2018 : Schedule of the event

This Sunday December 16th, begins the ESWC event of the end of the year, ESWC Africa by Inwi !

Among the Africa Gaming Fest in Casablanca, ESWC Africa 2018 organizes a tournament on the game CounterStrike:GO where 4 african teams will compete and will propose a showmatch with french youtubers on the game Fortnite.

We are pleased to welcome you in the Studio des Arts Vivants in Casablanca, Morocco !

Schedule of the day (December 16th) :

  • 10:00 CS:GO First Semi-Final
  • 01:30 CS:GO Second Semi-Final
  • 04:30 Show match Fortnite
  • 07:00 CS:GO Final

The competition will be broadcasted live from Casablanca on multiple languages streams :

To host this event, Sacha 'Pyro' Cohen will take the mic' on the ESWC stage and make you spend a great time !

For more information about tournaments and the event, follow us on our social medias or go to the following link :