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The OMEN Trophy : PUBG won't be the only PUBG tournament you will be able to assist at the Paris Games Week. Indeed, the participating teams of the main tournament will compete in a second tournament, kind of special !

This second tournament, the OMEN Trophy : Solo PUBG, invite the teams to select one of their squad player to compete in... warmode ! This will take place on OMEN by HP booth, next to ESWC's one, from Sunday 28th to Tuesday 30th with 2 games and one final.

Players will be divided in two groups of 8 to play the 2 games Sunday and Monday, those 8 will be joined by the 2 best fraggers of the day from the main squad tournament. Then, 10 players will battle on Sunday, and 10 on Monday, by those rules :

  • Warmode (Solo FFA)
  • Map : Erangel
  • Timelimit : 20 min
  • Maxpoints : 500

The 5 best ranked players in those games of each day will be reunited for the final on Tuesday 30th. The final will follow the same rules as previous games.

The OMEN Trophy : Solo PUBG will offer the best ranked player of the final a PC OMEN by HP model 880- 181nf ! The second one will get a HP OMEN Sequencer Keyboard and the third one, OMEN by HP Headphones.

OMEN Trophy : Solo PUBG schedule

  • Sunday 28th : 1pm-2.30pm
  • Monday 29th : 1pm-2.30pm
  • Tuesday 30th (final) : 1pm-2.30pm

You can asisst the tournament on the OMEN by HP booth, Hall 3 of the Paris Games Week !

OMEN Trophy PUBG solo