2nd Qualifier of ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung

12.01.2018 - All news « ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung »

The ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung returns this Saturday, January, 13th with the second online qualifiers. Once again the Clash Royale community was right there as 265 teams registered. 64 of them have been selected according to their level, then randomly for the remaining slots.

These new contenders will fight Saturday from 2pm CET to 6pm CET for the last 4 slots available to access the qualifier Playoffs of January, 20th. Among them we can retrieve very famous teams and players eager to access the ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung final in Paris : Valencia eSports, Nova eSports, Tribe Gaming, Team Heretics, Movistar or Sandstorm are some of the big names and favorites for one of the four slots of this week-end. Even the Team Queso registered a second team of players!

The first qualifier saw the qualifications of the teams x6tence, Giants Gaming, ChallengerZ and VALIANCE&CO.

The 64 teams will enter Saturday at 2pm CET a single elimination bracket. The bracket of the tournament is available with the first battles to come.

As reminder, the match format used is the "King of the Hill":

  • First round between the two teams, 2 opponents compete in best of one
  • The winner remains, the loser leaves his place to his teammate
  • Once a team has lost its 3 players, it has the right to revive one of its 3 members
  • The first team with 4 wins is the winner of the match

Come support your favorite teams!

The dashing caster Kevin "Enchatin" Ammirati will comment live the action in English from his channel http://www.twitch.tv/enchatin.

On the French side the live commentaries will be provided by Théo "Trapa" Bayoux, accompagnied this time by Sébastien "Vosketal" Beghelli, on the Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/trapaCoC/.