50,000$ for COD and new conditions for Teams

22.01.2015 - All news « ESWC 2015 COD »

The ESWC 2015 Call Of Duty will offer a $50,000 money prize, split between the 8 participating teams the following way:

Rank Prize Money
1 $20 000
2 $10 000
3 $6 000
4 $6 000
5 $2 000
6 $2 000
7 $2 000
8 $2 000

Furthermore, each selected team will get unprecedented stay conditions, with the possibility to accredit for the event:

  • 4 players and 1 in-game coach
  • 1 team manager or representative
  • 1 to 4 media and community managers (for the team's media coverage)
  • 1 team sponsor (visible on media content produced by Oxent)
  • 10 people with 2 days passes for friends, family, fans...

Each team selected for the final will also have its own private connected lodge during the whole event.

"Those stay conditions offered to the competitors, and highlights on their sponsors, are a new steps in professional Esport events", says Competition Director Sylvain Maillard. "We think that nowadays, progaming teams and tournaments are both powerful medias which should help each other to achieve better brand awareness and sponsor recognition".

Each team will be able to display as usual their sponsors on jerseys and accessories - as the ESWC has always allowed it - and for the first time, one of their own sponsor will be displayed on web and video content produced around ESWC.