8 teams for 2 slots at the ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung final

19.01.2018 - All news « ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung »

The ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung is one step to its grand final after two successful online qualifiers. Thus, this Saturday, the Clash Royale community will retrieve the 8 best teams of the online qualifiers. They will compete for the 2 slots of the grand final. In addition each teams will receive 2000€ to help them organize their travel and accommodation.

With more than 500 teams attending the online qualifiers, this is already a great performance for all 8 qualified teams so far:

It's a great battle that the community will attend on Saturday, 20th from 2pm to 6pm CET. The qualifiers playoffs bracket has been revealed and reviewed thanks to Kevin "Enchatin" Ammirati and Théo "Trapa" Bayoux analysis:

The 8 remaining teams are eager to start the first matches which will be played with the same previous format than the online qualifiers:

  • First round between the two teams, 2 opponents compete in best of one
  • The winner remains, the loser leaves his place to his teammate
  • Once a team has lost its 3 players, it has the right to revive one of its 3 members
  • The first team with 4 wins is the winner of the match

This is the moment to support your favorite teams and players and give them some energy to win one of the slot for the ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung. Two Youtubers are joigning the casting crew for the qualifier playoffs broadcast with two new languages provided.