After Agge on PS4, Dubzje wins ESWC FIFA18™ Paris on XBOX

09.04.2018 - All news « ESWC FIFA18 Paris »

After hours of furious competition, Dubzje finally won the ESFC FIFA18™ Paris tournament title

He certainly did not expect such a beautiful day. And yet, after the victory of the Dane Agge on PS4, the German player Fabian De Cae, from the Futwiz team managed to triumph over the 15 other players present on XBOX One this Sunday.

In a more "calm" atmosphere than the day before - despite a sometimes a very few audacious taunt from some participants, the young 20-year-old player offered his first trophy after his second participation only at an official tournament. A very good performance at this level of competition that allows him to get his ticket for the next EA FUT Champions Global Series Road to FIFA eWorld Cup - which will take place next June, as well as $2,500 of cash prize.

No French on the podium, a 100% German final

French side, despite the elimination of the double winner of the ESWC PGW (2016 and 2017), DaXe (PSG eSports), everything seemed good. Herozia (from the Millenium team), Brian (Vitality) and RayZiaaH (AS Monaco eSports) took the first place in their group - while Rafsou from Olympique Lyonnais also entered the final bracket. But only Herozia will finally manage to climb to 1/2 final after his victory over Venny (4/3), posting a relatively interesting level of play throughout the competition - defeated in the match of 3rd place against Saudi player Msdossary7 (Team Falcons), one of the most regular players on the day.

A few minutes later, Dubzje gained the upper hand over his compatriot MMayo (5-2) and wrote at the same time one of the most beautiful pages of his young career.

The podium of the tournament:

  1. Fabian "Dubzje" De Cae
  2. Mario "MMayo7" Reubold
  3. Musaad "Msdossary7" Aldossary