An application form for CS:GO

03.10.2012 - All news « ESWC 2012 PGW »

Update: According to the high number of applicants including a lot of very good teams, the final tournament will regoup ten teams and three of them will be selected with the application form.

In Europe and America, more than ten countries are taking part in ESWC CS:GO qualifying process. The level of those qualifiers is extremely high for a few slots. According to that, two modifications are added to the qualifying process.

First, as the Nordic qualifier regroups some of the best teams of the CS:GO scene, it will qualify two teams instead of one.

Second, an application form is now open for every team in the world. Only one team will be selected in that way, according to its motivation and achievements. Your team can apply by completing the following form:

The selected team will be able to participate without registration fees, but will have to cover trip and hosting fees with the help of its sponsors.

End of selection October 16th.