12.10.2018 - All news « ESWC PGW 2018 »

Capcom organizes for the versus fighting community a unique tournament during the Paris Game Week from 26th to 30th October in partnership with the ESWC. Indeed, during this tournament players will not challenge one title, but four!

The final of this competition will be played on Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, Street Fighter III Third Strike, Street Fighter 2X and Street Fighter Alpha 3, all those on Playstation 4.

4 games, one champion !

During the final of October 28th, matches will be played in best-of-five in that game order :

  1. First game : Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
  2. Second game : First game loser chooses between SF3TS, SF2X et SF Alpha 3
  3. Third game : Second game loser chooses between the 2 lasts unplayed games.
  4. Fourth game : If there is a fourth game, it will be played on the last unplayed game of the list.
  5. Fifth game : If there is a fifth game, it will be played on  Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

Every game of each match will be played in best-of-three format.

The future Champion shall master every version of the game to win the title and 1500€ of the 3000€ spread among the four best players of the tournament.

  • 1. 1500€
  • 2. 1000€
  • 3/4. 250€

Get your tickets for the final !

Three ways are available to come compete among the 16 finalists of the tournament at Paris Games Week :

Participate during one of the 5 qualifiers:

Earn one of the two last slots at the Last Chance Qualifier, the Saturday October 27th, on the ESWC Street Fighter booth during the Paris Games Week, in the hall 3. This qualifier will be played with the same rules of the October 28th grand final, as seen previously.

Be selected among the 6 selected players by the organization.

Challenge your friends on Street Fighter

Alongside the 30 years anniversary tournament, visitors can participate amateur tournaments and freeplay sessions on Friday 26th, Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th of October from 9am to 6pm on the ESWC Street Fighter booth at Paris Games Week.

Get all the infos about the 30 years anniversay tournament here