Casters and program for Clash Royale ESWC Summer

30.06.2017 - All news « ESWC 2017 Summer »

The tournament is getting closer, only one day ! The very best european players will play this week-end in Bordeaux for the major Clash Royale tournament at ESWC Summer 2017.


Of course, like every time, we have selected the most experimented casters to bring you a good viewer experience, in five languages. Indeed, you will be able to watch our tournaments live broadcasted on five different channels. 


To cast the Clash Royale matches, the usual Dovakhin and Trapa will comment and give their analysis with DavidK and PrydZ, live from ESWC ! Follow the whole tournament on :


Once again, we asked the best spanish streamer, Alvaro845, to cast with WithZak, in spanish, live from Bordeaux as well. Follow the tournament in spanish language from :

Remote casters

From their country, english and german casters are going to livebroadcast too. Retrieve on their channels :

Clash Royale program

Throughout the week-end the best matches will be played on the Clash Royale scene, with some on the Main Stage.

Clash Royale scene : 

All those matches will be retransmitted on the five channels we talked above. Retrieve : 

  • 11:00am : Cuuchi vs Ouahleouff
  • 2:00pm : Megababouu vs Malcaide
  • 2:30pm : Soking vs Colton
  • 3:00pm : Inttox vs MaxLaMenace
  • 3:30pm : innerlol vs jjjlll
  • 4:00pm : Wekoh vs Mthja
  • 4:30pm : Waterfall vs Jmas
  • 5:00pm : Azilys vs Zteemper
  • 5:30pm : Morodire vs Naginata

Main Stage

You can also watch those epic matches on the Main Stage, in the 1300 seats Ampthithéâtre :

  • 12:00pm : Colton vs Ram's
  • 12:30pm : Zteemper vs Reverz
  • 6:00pm : Thaggy vs Kilua
  • 6:30pm : Macdoy vs Soking

Do not miss the event, you can still book your free entrance on our ticketing.

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