Clash Royale returns at ESWC Winter 2017

20.12.2016 - All news « ESWC 2017 Winter »

Clash Royale will make its return at the ESWC after a successfull first apparence during last the Paris Games Week show. Thus, a new tournament opened to all Clash Royal players will be organized at the ESWC Winter 2017 event from 17th to 19th February at Hall 5 of the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.

The three days of competition will see 32 champions played at their best inside a dedicated Clash Royale booth while the ESWC main stage will welcome most important matches in front of thousands of spectators. The ESWC will ensure an online streaming of this epic and fun tournament for live audience.

At the end of the week-end, the top four players will be rewarded with a share of USD$5,000 of cash prize.

The path to ESWC Winter 2017 final

To be one of the 32 finalists at the ESWC Winter 2017 final, players will have to qualify through a series of online and offline tournaments:

  • 15 slots through 5 free online cups during January
  • 3 slots through the upcoming Millenium Super Clash Qualifier during January
  • 6 slots through 1 offline cup organized on 17th February, during the first day of the ESWC Winter event in Paris
  • Eventually, 8 players will be selected directly by the ESWC Organizing Committee to be part of the Clash Royale Final in Paris

# Type Slots Date Registration
1 Free Online Qualifier 3 January, 14th
2 Free Online Qualifier 3 January, 15th
3 Free Online Qualifier 3 January, 21st
4 Free Online Qualifier 3 January, 22nd
5 Free Online Qualifier 3 January, 28th
6 Millenium Super Clash Qualifier Final 3 January, 29th
7 Offline Qualifier 6 February, 17th
8 Direct selection 8 January/Februay /

You can retrieve all ESWC qualifiers and final details on our dedicated page 

Get your ticket for ESWC Winter 2017 event

The ESWC Winter 2017 will gather the best of competitive gaming with Clash Royale and other top eSport titles during three days including Call of Duty:Infinity Warfare, League of Legends, FIFA17 and Just Dance. The event produced will be opened to spectators from 17th to 19th February at Hall 5 of Paris Expo of Porte de Versailles:

  • Friday: 1:00pm - 11:00pm
  • Saturday: 9:00am - 7:00pm
  • Sunday: 9:00am - 7:00pm


And for those whose would like to relive or discover the ESWC Clash Royale experience watch our official aftermovie from ESWC Paris Games Week 2016 event.