Daily Recap: October 28

28.10.2016 - All news « ESWC 2016 PGW »


After dozens of close matches, the groups are done and 16 teams remains! Most of the favorites such as Heroic, LDLC, Alternate Attax made it to the Playoffs unscathered. Serious business starts tomorrow!

Clash Royale

After thousands of matches and huge Qualifiers, the "Royal Path" is open for the 128 finalists! In an ever-moving meta game, Clash fans were eager to see how so many top players in the same location.

The first two groups have been played, pitting more than 50 participants and many, many deck types: Giant beatdown, Miner cycle, Trifecta, Rocket Control, X-Bow... The cast from Yarn and Nick was valuable to explain how each players could counter the others. We can't wait for more matches tomorrow.

Just Dance

What a finish! The French finals ended in the most climatic way possible. Favorite Dina and her best mate Manu were the two ultimate contenders. Tied 1-1, their duel ended at the very last second and a mere 4 points difference... And Manu is your French Just Dance Champion! He will participate in the World Finals in a few weeks, congratulations to him!


The PSG made a splash this month when they joined the Esport fray, signing the best players in the world Agge and the rising star Daxe. Both were on stage for a great showmatch (spoiler: they both picked PSG). Later joined by FIFA Legend Spank and caster Brak2K they finished with an entertaining 2vs2. We can't wait to see them in action tomorrow in the ESWC Fifa 17 tournament!

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