Daily recap: October 30

30.10.2016 - All news « ESWC 2016 PGW »

Sunday is always a big day at ESWC. This year again, it didn't disappoint with great Finals! Here's the sum up.


The two most impressive teams of the tournament made it to the finals. France's Team LDLC and Germany's Alternate Attax are on the main stage. Each team surprisingly won their opponent's pick in a convincing fashion, forcing a 3rd map on Cache.

Team kept on exchanging blows for blows, pushing each other to force buys and ecos. Thanks to their commanding start, the German were able to maintain their advantage, despite LDLC's comeback. Congratulation to the teams!


Big upset: latest ESWC champions CLG Red are out! Already struggling in the groupstage, MissHarvey and her teammates were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by Selfless. The two other favorites Team Secret and Team LDLC made a better impression, topping their groups. Stay tuned for the Final games tomorrow!

Clash Royale

The first ESWC Clash Royale tournament in history has been a blast and the ultimate matches were plain crazy. Tournament favorites Surgical Goblin and Ming finally met in the Grand Final after showing prowesses in the semis.
Knowing that Surgical Goblin had a lethal Miner/Rocket deck, Ming countered it with a never seen before Royal Giant / Lightning deck and won. Despite Goblin adapting with a Hog Cycle, the Chinese champion stayed true to his bet and finally took it in Game 5! Congratulation on the 5000$, that's a lot of gems!


After dozens of high-caliber matches, the groups are set! The favorites had mixed results: Agge, Daxe, Gorilla and AdamanT qualified for the Playoffs, while former champions like BorasLegend or Vinch did not make the cut.
The addition of the FUT mode changed the whole game and brought a much needed variety in the rosters. Time will tell which of these great FIFA players mastered FUT the best.

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