Day 1 of ESWC Summer Cup with OMEN by HP

02.07.2017 - All news « ESWC 2017 Summer »

Live once again with us the first day of the League of Legends©, the ESWC Summer Cup with OMEN by HP ! A really exciting tournament : a lot of champions, of turrets, of drakes and nexuses, have been slayed today.

Bracket groups

Those bracket phases allowed us to live the competition through original picks like the Veigar Support of Narkuss from Eclypsia Spirit, but mostly meta picks like Caitlyn or Lee Sin, adapted to the 7.13 patch. We must say that two teams have stood out the tournament : Gamers Origin and team LDLC with 15 points each at the end of the bracket phase, with 0 loss. Among the streamer's team present, only one has qualified for the Gold bracket, the YesLife Team of Kameto alongside seven other teams :

  • Gamers Origin, 1st of Group 1
  • YesLife, 2nd of Group 1
  • Team LDLC, 1st of Group 2
  • War Legend, 2nd of Group 2
  • Grosbill_esport, 1st of Group 3
  • ASUS ROG,  2nd of Group 3
  • Mantic0re Lions,1st of Group 4
  • Team Millenium, 2nd of Group 4

The fourteen other teams of the tournament have qualified for the Silver Bracket :

  • Nuit blanche
  • Les Lamas Dansants
  • Osmoz
  • DisbandMakers
  • Stream Team of Domingo
  • Great Genius
  • Les Tridents de Bordeaux
  • Eclypsia Spirit
  • orKs
  • L'Etoile Filante
  • Beyond The Rift
  • eLDV White
  • Moutarde Extra-Forte

Play-offs phase

The beggining of the Gold Bracket have been as well really rich in actions ! Once again, Gamers Origin and Team LDLC have both win all their matches. That is exactly why they fight tomorrow, at 9:30am, on the Rift, for a waited first match. If those two team continue the competition, two others have already finished their competition, Yes Life and War Legend, who have lost against the two Giants in the Winner Bracket then again in the lower bracket against GrosBill and the Mantic0re Lions. The winner bracket will see on Sunday, as a last chance for each team :

  • Millenium vs Mantic0re Lions
  • ASUS ROG vs GrosBill_esport

Concerning the Silver Bracket, have already left us L'Etoile Filante, Les Lamas Dansants, Osmoz, and Moutarde Extra-Forte. Will be played on Sunday

  • 8:30am : orKs vs Great Genius
  • 8:30am : eLDV White vs APL TEAM LOL - The winner will play against Nuit Blanche.
  • 9:00am : The hype match, team Eclypsia Spirit, against the Stream Team of Domingo, in the Winner Bracket !

Find us on and in the Palais des Congrès of Bordeaux to follow this epic tournament !

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