Dominate the Overwatch scene with OMEN by HP and ESWC

30.05.2018 - All news « ESWC Overwatch OMEN by HP »

The ESWC and OMEN by HP are proud to announce the arrival of their next event on Overwatch, the famous Blizzard’s team-based first person shooter! The Overwatch OMEN by HP Trophy with ESWC will bring together for a month the entire French community around a large competition with €10,000 of cash prize.

With four online qualifying tournaments (32 participants, one team qualified by step); and free registration (open to players 16 years and older), the Overwatch OMEN by HP Trophy with ESWC will allow the community to compete in the best possible conditions for the final to be held on June 23rd and 24th, 2018, at The Esport Arena in Paris. Here is the calendar of qualifications and registrations:

Dominate your opponents and go to the final

After passing the qualifying stage, the four best teams in the tournament will compete with the goal of winning the €5,000 promised to the winners. Second, third and fourth will not leave empty-handed. They will get respectively €2,500, €1,500 and €1,000. The Overwatch OMEN by HP with ESWC will also be an opportunity for all players to show their value to the largest number and recruiters of the major international Blizzard FPS clubs.

To express all their talent and ensure maximum performance, HP will equip the final players with its latest generation PCs and screens from the Gaming OMEN by HP range.

Thrill for your favorite teams

The entire competition, including the qualifications, will be broadcast live and commented by a panel of French Overwatch experts with Zaroide, Albless, Adyboo, Itaah, Atao and Shaytwan! The schedules and broadcast channel of each live qualifying will be announced at As for the grand finale of 23rd and 24th June, it will be broadcast integrally on the Twitch channel of LeStream, with guest stars and casters of prestige, the must, Mickalow and Lutti.

Lutti Mickalow

From Numbani to the Temple of Anubis through the Volskaya plant and the 66 road; one question persists: who will be the best Tracer of France? Beginning of the answer from June 2nd!