ESWC 2014 Disciplines Regulations

10.07.2014 - All news « ESWC 2014 PGW »

The Regulation Committee of Electronic Sports World Cup releases today the regulation for disciplines of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, FIFA and Call of Duty Ghosts. These regulations will be applied during National and Regional ESWC 2014 preliminaries. International affiliated events like Gfinity 3 will follow their own regulation.

The ESWC discipline regulations can be downloaded here:

For CS:GO as the first national preliminaries will start in less than two weeks, the map pool will not include one of the new maps released (i.e: de_overpass, de_cobblestone etc). However the ESWC Regulation Committee will take the time to review the new maps and community feedbacks. According to these feedbacks, the map pool may be updated before the ESWC Grand Final 2014.