ESWC 2017 Clash Royale highlight at Paris Games Week

01.09.2017 - All news « ESWC PGW 2017 »

Clash Royale, the mobile Esport game, will do its come back at the Paris Games Week show from 1st to 5th November, thanks to the organization of a new international ESWC tournament. It will be the highlight of the ESWC Clash Royale 2017 season after already 3 successfull events in France and Germany.

Thus, the ESWC Paris Games Week Grand Final will see 48 finalists compete for a cash prize of 15,000€ and a chance to play on the ESWC Main Stage in front of its famous crowd of gamers and Esports fans. The event will deliver 5 days of tremendous actions from last chance qualifiers tournaments to the main ESWC 15,000€ challenge. More than a competition it will also be a community event with the possibility for fans to enter open tournaments and meet their favorites Youtubers and pro players.

The full details of the qualifier process will be announced within two weeks. It will allow thousands of players to try the challenge through Regional Online Qualifiers, National Qualifiers around the world and direct selection.

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