ESWC Africa qualifiers 1st results and last chance qualifiers

19.11.2018 - All news « ESWC Africa 2018 »

The first online qualifiers of the ESWC Africa 2018 ended this weekend thanks to all the participating teams who have well represented the continent and its level on Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.

Thus, 5 of the 6 national qualifiers have seen one team qualified for the ESWC African qualifiers playoffs of next Sunday:

The last slot for the qualifiers playoffs was for the Senegal. However, as no team show up the slot is put in play in a new last chance qualifier tournament. This qualifier will be organized on 21th and 22th November, on the evening and in a best-of-one cup. It is open to 32 teams from any of the 7 countries involved in the ESWC Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Senegal.
The winner of the cup will join on Sunday in a round-robin stage the 5 qualified teams mentioned above and will fight for the 3 slots at stake for the final of the ESWC Africa.

The registration for the last chance qualifier and follow the same eligibility rules than the other qualifiers:

ESWC Africa qualifiers schedule:

  • 21/22th November Last chance qualifier for qualifier playoffs
    32 slots opened to the 7 countries / registration here
  • 24/25th November Moroccan qualifiers / 1 slot for ESWC Africa final
  • 25th November ESWC Africa qualifier playoffs / 3 slots for ESWC Africa final