ESWC arrives at Gamescom with Clash Royale

12.07.2017 - All news « ESWC 2017 Gamescom »

ESWC Committee is proud to announce that its next international Clash Royale tournament will take place at Gamescom, the biggest European video games show, from 22th to 26th August in Cologne! The tournament will run on 24th and 25th of August. Thus, for the third time in a row this year, the ESWC will gather 32 international players from qualifiers and direct selection. The upcoming participants will battle to succeed Surgical Goblin and Kilua and win a cash prize of 5,000€ distributed on the top 4 of the tournament.

How to participate and qualify?

To be part of the ESWC Gamescom Clash Royale tournament players will have to earn one of the 26 slots on 32 available through upcoming qualifiers.

  • Sixteen slots will be won through four online European qualifiers.
  • Four slots will be be dedicated to the German players and won during one online qualifier.
  • The last six remaning slots will be won during additional qualifiers announced in the upcoming weeks.

The qualifiers will be organized according to this schedule:

Players can retrieve the ESWC Online European Qualifiers rules at

The first contenders selected

With the 26 slots to earn through qualifiers, six players have been selected directly for the ESWC Gamescom final according to their past achievements during ESWC Clash Royale tournaments in 2017. Thus, the top 4 of the ESWC Summer receives a slot for Cologne:

  • Aimane "Kilua" Belkhir
  • Jarod "Azilys" Quesada
  • Julien "JoJo Swiffer" De hooghe
  • Loic "Macdoy" Doyen

The two last players to receive a direct slot are Surgical Goblin and Nemsensei thanks to their first and second place at the ESWC Winter and Crown Championship Spring 2017.

More to come at ESWC Gamescom

Among the Clash Royale tournament, a few other exhibitions will be organized on the ESWC booth and announced in the upcoming weeks. So do not hesitate to come say hi and spectate the ESWC show in at Gamescom!

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