ESWC FIFA 17 format and groups draw

24.10.2016 - All news « ESWC 2016 PGW »

With all 32 FIFA 17 finalists known it is time to release the format and groups draw of the ESWC 2016 PGW FIFA 17 final which will be organized from 29th to 31st October in Paris.


The ESWC FIFA 17 final will be played in two stages. The first one is a round robin stage composed of 4 groups of 8 players. The match will be played in single game with half time of 6 minutes. The best four players of each group will qualify for the next stage. 

The second stage of the tournament will be a single elimination bracket between the 16 remaining players. All matches of the single elimination bracket will be played in Home & Away while the third place match and final will use the single game format  with half time of 6 minutes.

The round robin will be played on Saturday, October 29th to Sunday, October 30th. The single elimination bracket will start on Monday, October, 31st on the morning until the final on ESWC main stage at 2pm CEST.

The $15,000 of cash prize will be split between the top four players as following:

  • 1. $8,000
  • 2. $4,000
  • 3. $2,000
  • 4. $1,000