Follow the ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung final this Saturday

24.01.2018 - All news « ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung »

The ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung Grand Final will kick off in two days at the Esport Arena in Paris. Only the four best European teams are remaining in the tournament after one month of online qualifiers which saw more than 500 teams participate. They will compete Saturday from 2pm CET to 8pm CET to win the title and 17,500€ promised for the top three.

The two first teams of the final have been selected thanks to their past results, the Spanish team Queso and the French team Millenium. The two other teams have won their tickets after qualifications organized throughout the month of January, and have seen more than 500 teams from all over Europe participate! Congratulations to the teams Asus Rog Army and Ako Roshi for this well deserved qualification at the ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung final.

  •  Jesus "Soking" Varela
  •  Pere Manel "Cuchii Cuu" Rodriguez Sanchez
  •  Alban "iSlaw" Simonnel
  •  Jarod "Azilys" Quesada
  •  Bastien "MegaBabou" Pescayre
  •  Loïc "macdoy" Doyen
  •  Beñat "Beniju" Juarros Ugarte
  •  Miguel "Miguelinho" Buitrago Mendaro
  •  Cristian "KaNaRiOoo" Sanchez Hernandez
  •  Linus "Tortel" Vornhusen
  •  Samuel "xopssam" Klotz
  •  Rauf "rauf" Ahmed

Thus, with champions like Jesus "SoKing" Varela, Jarod "Azilys" Quesada or  Juarros Ugarte "BENIJU" Beñat, in their rank it is a real clash that fans will attend on Saturday!

A multilanguage broadcast with the biggest Youtubers

The ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung final will be played at the Esport Arena from 2pm CET to 8pm CET Saturday, January 27th. It will be broadcast live on Internet in French thanks to a five-stars casting, and in several other languages. Pierre-André "Maxildan" Joly will be the host of the final. He will be accompanied for the matches commentaries and interviews by 5 other famous French Youtubers including:

At the same time, the ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung will be broadcasted worldwide in 4 additional languages provided by many famous Clash Royale Youtubers:

The ESWC Live platform at will give you access to each broadcast channel and many useful details about the participating teams and the tournament schedule itself. 

Live the tournament from your couch with your friends

You will be able to live the ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung as if you were at the Esport Arena thanks to the Samsung VR Live Pass eSport app. It will offer you a customizable space from which to attend live and 360° the competition. Esports fans will benefit from the best views with 180 and 360° cameras installed the venue.

For the final the app will also propose three new features:

  • the tournament and participants datas'
  • a Twitch player to follow the matches
  • the possibility to meet your friends inside the virtual lounge to share this moment and cheers your favorite team all together

The VR Live Pass eSport app is available on Gear VR, Google Play and the App Store.