Hearthstone and Arma Cup will be at ESWC Metz

20.06.2018 - All news « ESWC Metz 2018 »

ESWC Metz is pleased to welcome a new edition of the famous Arma Cup on Hearthstone on September, 8th and 9th 2018. Thus, the 64 best French players of Hearthstone will converge in the Robert Schuman Convention Center. During the weekend, players will challenge themselves on Blizzard’s card game to win a cash prize of €3,000.

Of the 64 slots, 19 will be played in several qualifying tournaments or awarded as follows:

Winners and selected players will receive free entry to the tournament. All other players wishing to participate at the ESWC Metz Arma Cup can register directly for the LAN Party by purchasing their pass at: https://www.eswc.com/metz/hearthstone#ticketing

The registration fee for the tournament is fixed at 30€ per player. At the event, players and spectators will be able to follow the tournament thanks to a dedicated stage. The competition will also be broadcast online via Hearthstone channel of Arma TV : Twitch.tv/armatvhs