Indian Cyber Gaming Championship 2012 takes winners to the world cup in Paris and Internationals in Malaysia

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Indian Cyber Gaming Championship 2012 takes winners to the world cup in Paris and Internationals in Malaysia

New Delhi, 11th October 2012 – The Indian Cyber Gaming Championship announced the season IV winners in Goa on the 7th Oct 2012. The Winners for TGX 2012(the Games Xpo) who will represent India in Asia International in Malaysia for DOTA 2 are team Oblique Gaming and for ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup) in Paris are Sagar Vyas (Fifa) and Loveneet Dogra  (Tekken)

Indian Cyber Gaming Championship (ICGC) is an indigenous yearly national gaming event, for Indians to showcase talent and capabilities as a gaming nation to the entire world. The event took place at Goa between the 5th and 7th Oct 2012, with qualifiers from 33 cities from all over India.

TGX 2012 (The Games Xpo)

The Games Xpo was created to provide a platform for everyone interested in gaming to come together in a single event. From business matchmaking for the corporate, to exhibitions and tournaments for the individuals, TGX aims to be Asia's most comprehensive games expo. Currently running in 5 Asian countries, TGX India 2012 was held simultaneously with ICGC 2012.

ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup)

The Electronic Sports World Cup is the World Cup of worldwide competition of video games, starting locally with national qualifying, to end with a World Final gathering all the cyberathletes and designed as a live show. With representation from over 70 countries, it is the pinnacle of esports competition. The ESWC 2012 India leg was held along with ICGC 2012.

Speaking on the occasion, Akshat Rathee, Chief Gaming Officer at NODWIN Gaming, said, “I am proud of the year's champions. I would like to congratulate the winners of the fourth Season 2012 of the Indian Cyber Gaming Championship and wish them the very best for the world championships. India has immense potential for growth in the gaming segment. There are many factors in favour of the industry’s growth most notable being the rise in disposable income, high percentage of young population, rise in wireless usage and proliferation of game developers.”

Yogesh Nagdev, Director - Events, Nodwin Gaming, “We are very happy with the successful completion of this event. This event gave an opportunity for both – Indian Players to challenge the world & the world to explore the raw talent in India.”

Of the 3 console and 5 PC games, there was only one game which was a repeat from last year (DOTA1 - on it's farewell year). The rest of the lineup was brand new. The lineup is based on international norms and included games such as
Counter Strike GO
League of Legends
Battlefield 3
Blur Tekken Fifa12 There were close to 10,000 gamers participating in the qualifying events from 33 cities across India making it the biggest and most broad based gaming event in India.

The event also marked the live telecast of the entire event, the games and interviews of the cyber athletes for the first time in Indian Gaming. Produced by LordNOD media, the event garnered over 500,000 views and brought esports viewership into the fore.

Speaking on the event, Gautam Virk - Head of Programming at LordNOD gaming Media said "Indian esports viewership is ready to break the barrier and become a serious entertainment vertical. With over a crore gamers in India connected to the net, Livestreaming, Video on Demand and Pay per view programming will be the order of the day."

LordNOD shall also be covering the production for the events in Paris and Malaysia along with daily and weekly updates on the Indian Esports scene.

In other announcements, it was announced that esports in India is moving towards recognition from a state Olympic association that would provide credibility and a career option to cyber athletes. The announcement coincides with a Forbes article that says that the 2020 Olympics may have esports as a valid medal sport.

To facilitate the training and preparation of the attempt, the Indian Pro Gaming House (IPGH) was also announced. A place where cyber athletes will be trained, prepped and coached along with paying them a salary, it aims to bring professionals into the esports arena of India.

The entire list of winners are:

[DOTA 2] :
Winners : Elunes/Oblique Gaming
Runners Up : Ate Gaming
2nd Runner up: Strawhatz

[Battlefield 3] :
Winner : Flux Gaming
Runner Up : ICUD

[Blur Gaming (PC)] :
Winners : SIG
Runners Up : Riders

[CS:GO] :
Winners : Flux Gaming
Runners Up : United Five(U5)

[League of Legends] :
Winners : Oblique Gaming
Runners Up : No More Luck

[FIFA'12] :
Winner : Sagar Vyas
Runner Up : Farooq Bhayani

[DOTA] :
Winners : Ate Gaming
Runners Up : Rockstars (RX)

[Tekken TAG Tournament II] :
Winner : Loveneet Dogra - Meerut,UP
Runner Up : Indraneel Madkholkar - Nagpur