Interview with Surgical Goblin ESWC Clash Royale champion

05.05.2017 - All news « ESWC 2017 Summer »

Clash Royale®, the new sensationnal mobile game, is evolving really quickly. Indeed, there are each day more competition, more professional gamers. Teams are creating, managers, coach... And stars! The ESWC had the occasion to organize two major tournaments (ESWC PGW and ESWC Winter) and it has already welcomed some players... twice ! Today with us, for an exclusive interview, probably the best ESWC Clash Royale player, but for sure the actual title holder, Frank Oskam aka Surgical Goblin, from team Royal Con Queso. Focus on his "carrer" and his feelings about Clash Royale®!

Hi Frank ! How are you since last time ?

I'm very good thank you very much !

Ok, first of all, Clash Royale is a very new game and with a spectacular growth on video game and esport landscape. How did you discover the game on your side?

Very simple, I was a big fan of Clash of Clans, and was looking at a lot of YouTubers. When some of them made videos about this new game and tried it out, it attracted my interest, since it used the Clash of Clans universe. I downloaded it the day it came out, and I never stopped playing it from that day !

Oh, so you're one of the first players ! Do you play other games beside Clash Royale ?

No. I don't play any other game, I am very busy with YouTube, streaming and keeping my skills at a high level to compete in multiple events.

But what do you love so much in Clash Royale, to dedicate your full time to it ?

Lots of things ! But to sum up, it's being smart and steps ahead of your opponent. I love that. People see Clash Royale as a very simple game, some even call it stupid ! They're wrong, in three minutes, you have to think and focus, and make a lot of smart decisions, to be among the bests.

Frank, what is the story, if there's one, behind your nickname, Surgical Goblin ?

Very simple, no particular huge story ! I used to play Clash of Clans and there was this attack strategy, called "Surgical GoHo". I liked this name and used the first part of it, then I randomly added Goblin.

Have you ever thought about starting an esport carrier ?

Of course, I thought about it, but in my opinion, the game is not yet at a level to hope making a real carrier from it. As you said earlier, the game is fresh and new.

How do you warm-up before a major Clash Royale tournament like ESWC? Do you try new decks or work on a specific strategy just for the tournament?

I practice multiple decks versus multiple people inside and outside my clan. Then, I know how to play versus different decks with my decks. I often try to create a unique deck to suprise people in the live event because people are nervous. I have never studied my opponent before a live event but during it I always watch the matches to understand some part of their playstyle, to pick a good matchup.

Second at ESWC Paris Games Week 2016, first at ESWC Winter and with your team Queso during Millenium Super Clash Clan. You won a lot of tournament experience and seem to manage the stress of matches. Do you think your experience, awards won and that you are nearly undefeated during European tournaments are an advantage when you face an opponent ?

I think my experience is definitely an advantage. I am well know, my opponents know I am a good player *laugh*

You have only 17 years old, and we saw your father accompany you at each of your tournament. What do your parents think about an eventual esport career?

My parents are happy for me I have something I am good at, and I developped that into something else as well because I am a YouTuber and I do livestreams now. But sometimes they find it unfortunate that I spend that huge time on the game, they would be so happy if I'd spend that much time on school !

Is there another player who impresses you on Clash Royale?

There are many players who impressed or helped me and I could name them all but that would be a list of a lot of players, you don't want that !

What is your favorite card so far?

Obvioulsy the miner, which is versatile and fits with my playstyle, even if as you know, the Rocket is emblematic for me *laugh*

To conclude, what would you like to see evolving or be modified in the actual metagame ?

I would like to see more decks where a matchup could not decide an outcome. Right now a matchup could decide the outcome because it is a counter deck and I would love to see a meta where it is all about skill like predictions and elixir management !

Thanks Frank, see you in July, maybe for a second title ?

I hope so, thank you too !

Do not hesitate to follow Surgical Goblin on social networks and come to see him challenges a second title at ESWC Summer 2017, the 1st & 2nd of July, in Bordeaux! You can book from now your free entrance tickets at

And for those who would like to see Surgical Goblin last performance you can watch the ESWC Winter 2017 final against French player Ye "Nemseisei" Victor.