Meet and play with Youtubers at ESWC Africa 2018

10.12.2018 - All news « ESWC Africa 2018 »

ESWC Africa 2018 by Inwi will see the best 4 teams on the continent challenge on December 16 in front of 600 spectators in the amphitheater of Le Studio Des Arts Vivants in Casablanca. But the event will also be an opportunity to meet several Youtubers from France. Indeed, the famous French Youtubers Nameless, Dylan Del Rey, Poncefesse and Prince will be in Casablanca!


Dylan Del Rey



These four Youtubers will play Fortnite games from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Sunday, December 16th. Four matches will be played systematically associating three French Youtubers, and especially a visitor of the event. All other visitors will be able to watch the games in Le Studio Des Arts Vivants amphitheater and live on ESWC's Twitch Channel.

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