Meet Enchatin, the voice of the EU Clash Royale Qualifiers

03.05.2017 - All news « ESWC 2017 Summer »

He is one of the most recognized voice of the American competitive community of Clash Royale. Kevin "Enchatin" Ammirati is casting many online leagues since one year and the release of Clash Royale, analyzing the best actions and making the games live intensely. The ESWC is pleased to welcome him as the English caster of the upcoming European online qualifiers for ESWC Summer.

Before his first cast we asked him some questions:

Could you introduce a bit yourself please?

Hello my name is Kevin "enchatin." I am an english twitch streamer who streams daily at 7pm EST. I have been a gamer my whole life starting with NES and then moved on to other console games such as Sega Genesis. I then found my love for computer gaming and played various games such as Warcraft 3, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, League of Legends and many more. The past 3 years I have discovered mobile games. It started with Rage of Bahamut and then a little Clash of Clans. Ultimately the path has led to where I am today playing Clash Royale everyday and loving every second of it.

How did you discover Clash Royale and what did you like in it?

I discovered Clash Royale from my cousin who also introduced me into Clash of Clans. He told me come play this new real time card like moba game and I was like sounds interesting. The things I loved about the game was the aspect of realtime player vs player combat. I am a person who loves games that have a lot of action and not much sitting around so it was a perfect fit.

How did you become a caster? Is it your first game as caster?

I became a caster because of my love for talking haha. It all started when I decided to stream on Twitch. At first I did it 3 days a week and then it slowly turned into a passion. I now stream everyday casting events almost every night on my channel and slowly grew a love for casting competitive games.

You are covering a lot of American leagues like the RPL, CRL or ClashWars. Do you follow also the European community and its tournaments?

I am covering every single American league besides CRL. I am the main caster for RPL Americas and I am one of several casters for Clashwars. I am also the main American caster for CR Worlds.

Do you see a difference in how to play Clash Royale competitively between American and European players?

There is no big difference that I see between American and European players. Every player I feel has their own style which makes it almost impossible to differentiate between the two.

Do you have a favorite American and European player?

My favorite American player would have to be Marcel P. He is a friend and a great player, in my opinion the best. We have met in California and he is really as nice and genuine of a guy as you would expect him to be by the interactions you have over chatting online. As far as European I would have to say that is a tough one. I would have to go with Bobtherock. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and is one of the best players in the game.

If we return to the game itself, what is your favorite Clash Royale cards?

My favorite Clash Royale care used to be sparky. But unfortunately she has received no love and is slowly getting worse and worse with every new card added. One day she might rise again. As for now my favorite card is Graveyard. I love the RNG aspect of it and love how you can place it in different spots and get different outcomes every time.

Is there something you would like to to see evolving in the meta Clash Royale ?

I would love to see more beatdown style decks. I really dislike the control style meta that is currently in the game. Obviously control is one of the most important aspects in any game but it is boring to cast. As opposed to giants and golems barreling down the lane taking towers left and right.

Supercell released a lot of updates with addition of competitive features like the Clan Battle, 2vs2 match or monthly new challenge. What new option or how to play would like to see developed in the near future?

I would love to see more 2v2 action. But not just the clan vs clan 2v2. I would love to see a 2v2 Challenge mode where both players could win cards. This will make 2v2 exciting and will drive players to get on voice chat and really push a competitive 2v2 format. Also I would like to have 2v2 friendly battles. As a streamer it would be fun to have the option of running 2v2 bracket style tournaments.

The first European online qualifiers for the ESWC Summer 2017 will be played on 28th of May at 2:00pm CET. Before it do not hesitate to follow Enchatin on his Twitch channel and Twitter account: