Qualifier for ESWC Summer : MSC Finale

12.05.2017 - All news « ESWC 2017 Summer »

Once again, the ESWC associates with Millenium for a tremendous show, for more battle, for more Clash Royale©. Indeed, after four high quality qualifiers, it is time for the Millenium Super Clash Finale, with 1500€ of cashprize, but especially for two qualifications slots for ESWC Summer, in Bordeaux the1st & 2nd of july 2017.

This event will gather the very best french players, now familiar with the ESWC and MSC's who will fight for glory Sunday May 14th in the eSport arena in Levallois-Perret, with :

  • Aimane "Kilua" Belkhir
  • Victor "Nemsensei" Ye
  • Quesada "Azylis" Jarod
  • Mateo "Azura" Lecocq
  • Oubakhti "Imox" Imadeddine
  • Mickael "Trainer Mike" Mulanda
  • Alexandre "Alkama" Evin
  • Loïc "Macdoy" Doyen

The event is open to anyone from 10:30AM to 6:00PM in Levallois-Perret for free if you bring with you your reservation. To register, it is simple, just go on our online ticketing.

The event will be of course live broadcasted and casted by our favorites, DavidK, JS, et Ashtax, on Trapa YouTube channel. The eight players have been split in a double elimination bracket. All the matches will be broadcasted, one after the other, in "Best-of-five" format, for a better show !

You can retrieve the bracket here :

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