Queso crowned ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung champion

28.01.2018 - All news « ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung »

The ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung is over and have seen the victory of the Spanish team Queso! They defeated in grand final Ako Roshi, the underdog of the tournament, in an impressive final at the Esport Arena in Paris. The team Queso won the trophy and also €10,000 of cash prize to share between their three members, Soking, iSlaw and Cuchii cuu. Ako Roshi leave the arena with €5,000 and a convincing second place for their first participation together in an offline tournament. Asus Rog Army completed the podium in front of Millenium and €2,500 as reward. In addition to the cash prize, each team won great Samsung gifts such as Samsung S8+ smartphone, Gear Sport watch, Gear VR headset and Gear 360° camera.

Before this outcome, the ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung final started earlier this Saturday afternoon in front of a passionate crowd, composed of some great players such as Surgical Goblin, Adrian Piedra, Termisfa or Alkama.

The four teams qualified gave everything to reach the last match of the day. Team Queso was the first one to reach the grand final winning its first match against Ako Roshi, and then the winner bracket final against the Spanish team Asus Rog Army 4 to 3. After losing its first match, the team Ako Roshi started its comeback by eliminating the home team of Millenium in the lower bracket. The German players then took down Asus Rog Army to find again in the grand final team Queso.

Coming from the lower bracket, the team Ako Roshi had the obligation to win two games in a row. They made the great performance to win the first match. However, for the second, iSlaw, the French player from Queso, did a perfect fight, winning against each Ako Roshi player one by one to crown his team.

Congratulations to all participating teams, from the online qualifiers to the ESWC Clan Wars by Samsung final!