Relive the ESWC Summer day one!

02.07.2017 - All news « ESWC 2017 Summer »

Krosmaga, League of Legends, Clash Royale, Street Fighter... All these games offered a great show at the ESWC Summer 2017!

Clash Royale

Although three decks have dominated the competition today based on PEKKAs, Graveyards etc, others have astonished us through their originality (for instance Ram's on Stage !). Retrieve on the widget all the results, but also matches to come. The favorites have of course qualified for the winner bracket, such as Malcaide, 4th at ESWC Winter, or Soking from Team Queso. Soking won the group 1, equally with macdoy and Kilua in a really close group ; zTeemper has dominated the group 2 with 21 points, 7 victories for 0 loss ; MaxLaMenace, equally with Inttox won the group 3 ; Cuchi Cuu reached the first place of the group4, equally with the used to ESWC MegaBabouu.

Street Fighter V

The competition has ended with an Infexious victory ! He won the Finale against Luffy thanks to the Rainbow Mika counter pick, Zhengief, 7 to 4. He first won the semi-finals against Linkexelo, 5 to 1 in a mirror match. Luffy on his side had beaten in semi-finals ImStillDadaddy, 5 to 2, in a great match with a changement of hero on the fifth match for Imstill !

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