Romania will send 2 players at ESWC PGW Clash Royale

11.10.2017 - All news « ESWC PGW 2017 »

The Romanian Clash Royale community will have the chance to qualify and see two of its best players at the ESWC Paris Games Week 2017 tournament. The Romanian company GAMEONE will organize this week-end a national qualifier that will see the two best players win a slot and the travel with accommodation for the ESWC final.

The Romania national qualifier will be played in two stages:

  • The first stage will consist of an ingame tournament of 200 players on October 14th. The top 8 ranked players will qualify for the second stage and will be join by 8 other invited players (GabiRO, badz, Royal,CIP YT, Andreas, HuntaeLa, Styl3alex, Arkos).

  • The second stage will consist of a single elimination bracket between the 8 qualified players and the 8 invited players, with matches played in best of 5.

A live stream will be available to follow this unique opportunity and challenge, on Boddy Youtube channel on Saturday, and Luca Youtube channel on Sunday.

All Romania players can retrieve more information about the tournament on