Round robin composition for ESWC Gamescom Clash Royale

21.08.2017 - All news « ESWC 2017 Gamescom »

The Clash Royale© competition of the ESWC gamescom 2017 is getting closer! It is now time for the players already qualified or selected  to know who they are going to fight, in their groups, on Thursday, August 24th.

Competition's format

We allow ourselves to remind you how the competition is going to take place. 32 players will be splited in four groups, of 8 players each. This bracket phase will be played in “Round Robin” : In each group, each player will play 7 matches, one against each other player in the group. Victory grants three points, while a defeat grants none. The six first of each group will be qualified to compete in the second stage of the tournament, while the two last will be eliminated from the tournament! The second stage of the tournament will be played in a double elimination bracket on Friday, August, 25th.

Both day the tournament will start at 12:00pm CEST and will end around 7:00pm CEST. All matches will be played in best-of-five format.

Groups repartition

Groups are splited as followed :

The remaining slots will be filled after the three last chances qualifiers which will be played on ESWC booth at Gamescom on Wednesday, August 23rd. The new qualified players will be put randomly in one of the four groups of the round-robin stage.

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