Round robin composition for ESWC Summer Clash Royale

28.06.2017 - All news « ESWC 2017 Summer »

The Clash Royale© competition of the ESWC Summer 2017 is getting closer ! Even if it has already started, with qualifiers, it is now time for the players to know who they are going to fight, in their groups, this week-end.

Competition's format

We allow ourselves to remind you how the competition is going to take place. 32 players will be splited in four groups, of 8 players each. This bracket phase will be played in “Round Robin” : In each group, each player will play 7 matches, one against each other player in the group. Victory grants three points, while a defeat grants none. The four first of each group will be qualified to compete in the Winner Bracket, while the four last will be fighting in the Looser one : every player is going to play on Sunday.

On Saturday, matches will start at 11:00am. Each round will last for an hour (except between 1:00pm and 2:00pm).

Sunday, the Winner Bracket will start at 9:30am, like the Looser Bracket. Semi-finals will start at 11:00am, and Finale at 3:30pm, on the Main Stage. The Looser Bracket Finale will take place on the main stage, at 3:00pm.

Groups repartition

Groups are splited as followed :

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