Surgical Goblin won his second ESWC title

27.08.2017 - All news « ESWC 2017 Gamescom »

Frank "Surgical Goblin" Oskam, the Dutch Clash Royale player from team Queso, won his second ESWC title at Gamescom after the ESWC Winter in Paris! He clearly came as the favorite for the final win despite the attendance of all the best European players. Surgical Goblin domination has resulted in impressive performance from the round robin stage to the grand final won against his Spanish teamate Jesus "SoKing" Varela Ruiz.

Thus, he ended the round robin stage with 7 victories and only 2 games lost for 21 games won. The playoffs were also one way for all his opponent as Surgival Goblin won all his matches 3 to 0, except one game conceded to the French players Ye "Nemsensei" Victor and Maxence "MaxLaMenace" Piriou. Which seems a feat as even in winner bracket final and grand final Frank won 3 to 0 against respectively Jarod "Azilys" Quesada and Jesus "SoKing" Varela Ruiz.

Round robin results

Playoffs results

Despite his lost in grand final, Soking had a pretty solid performance in Cologne beating notably twice German player Berin "Berin" Bjelak and once Ye "Nemsensei" Victor, Braes "Royal" Rares and Azilys.

The third place was won by the French Jarod "Azilys" Quesada from team Millenium. After his second place at ESWC Summer in Bordeaux, Azilys confirmed his very good shape.

Top 8 ranking:

  • 1.  Surgical Goblin 2500€ - team Queso
  • 2.  Soking 1250€ - team Queso
  • 3.  Azilys 750€ - team Millenium
  • 4.  Berin 500€ - team Queso
  • 5/6.  MaxLaMenace - team Millenium
  • 5/6.  Royal - team Romania Warlords
  • 7/8.  Nemsensei - team Vitality
  • 7/8.  Dion - team HHammers

The next step for all these players will be the ESWC Paris Games Week Clash Royale tournament from 1st to 5th November. With the participation of more international players from Asia and America, could Surgical Goblin win a third ESWC title in 2017?