Team LDLC won the ESWC Summer Cup with OMEN by HP

02.07.2017 - All news « ESWC 2017 Summer »

What a play-off phase ! As said our caster Tweekz, "do not trust the bracket phase". The ESWC Summer Cup with OMEN by HP on League of Legends has just ended, and just have been won by Team LDLC, against Gamers Origin. They showed us their qualities, once again, and conceded only a few maps on this tournament, mainly against Gamers Origin, during the Winner Bracket Finale. They still have been surprising, beating GO, largely thanks to Crowniie, amazing twice on his Kalista. It was not easy at all, since they won the first game on a Nashor's steal by SelfMadeMan, the brand new jungler of the team. You can watch again this beautiful moove by SelfMadeMan on : 

Unflappables, LDLC are leaving as a great winner, with 9000€ of Cash prize. Can they pretend to major objectives such as Challenger Series qualifiers for the 8th season ? 

Finale ranking :

  1. Team LDLC
  2. Gamers Origin
  3. Team Millenium
  4. Grosbill Esport

Silver Bracket

Won by Beyond The Rift, after they had defeated the Stream Team, Nuit Blanche and orKs, who have been carried by their midlaner Toucouille, the Silver Bracket were extremely interesting as well. Indeed, the Stream Team was impressive, since they only lost against BTR during these play-offs, twice, while taking them one game, which was even a stomp, thanks to Doigby, amazing on his Olaf ! They also defeated twice Eclypsia Spirit, which was quite a good team, once in the Lower Bracket Finale : You have to watch again Domingo on Corki, whom was really good !

Final ranking :

  1. Beyond The Rift
  2. Stream Team
  3. Eclypsia Spirit
  4. Nuit Blanche

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