The Dane Agge wins ESWC FIFA18™ Paris!

08.04.2018 - All news « ESWC FIFA18 Paris »

He was to remain one, it will finally be the Danish player August Rosenmeier of the club Hashtag United!

After a colorful tournament rhythmed by the cries of managers and coaches present in the hall to support their mens, the player of the English structure Hashtag United has finally won the title of the ESWC 2018 FIFA18™ Paris. He is leaving with the tidy sum of $2,500, but especially a slot for the next EA FUT Champions Global Series Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup that will take place in June.

And Agge reversed the trend!

Still, everything had not started so well for the Danish player. A draw against Tini (4-4) before falling in the next round against Marcuzo, representative of the Manchester City team (3-2).

Nevertheless, it was not enough to lessen the motivation of the winner of the DreamHack Winter 2016 and the ESWC 2015. 2nd of his group, the Dane simply impressed all the players present in the quarter-finals against Frenchman Diogo Peixoto (7-2 overall). In the semi finals, in an electric atmosphere, Agge finally took the lead on TheTurin (4-3) and thus reaches the grand final against the German Sakul97: won 6 goals to 3, a convincing victory to complete this great road to the title.

Nicknamed "The Beast" by players of the FIFA community, the Dane did not hide his joy at the end of the tournament: "It's hard for me to describe what I really feel, but I'm really proud to win this competition. My course was difficult, I faced players of a very good level. I think we must also congratulate Sakul97 and TheTurin27 for their courses, the level was really high today."

The podium of the tournament:

  1. August "Agge" Rosenmeier
  2. Lukas "Sakul97" Vonderheide
  3. Marcus "Marcuzo" Jørgensen