The Royal Path to the ESWC Clash Royale tournament at PGW

02.09.2016 - All news « ESWC 2016 PGW »

Oxent, the company that organizes the ESWC, is today presenting the international qualifying circuit and the rules for participation in its international Clash Royale tournament organized from October 28th to 30th during Paris Games Week, in France. For the first time, a touch-screen game (mobile and tablet) will be part of the competition. A selection process lasting 2 months will be needed to bring together in Paris 128 champions to compete in an epic and fun tournament which will end on the ESWC main stage, broadcast live on Twitch and the SFR Sport TV network. There are 3 ways to participate: direct qualification in the game, via affiliated tournaments, or by submitting a participation request. There will be more than 10,000 players at the starting line on 5 continents, but only 1 will be crowned King of the ESWC.

1. In-game selections: direct qualification in the game

From September 10th to October 15th, there will be 6 free tournaments involving 1,000 players, each one for a different region of the planet, to select 16 super players throughout the world. Each of them will win his travel and lodging in Paris France to compete in the Grand Final.

# Region Slots Date Registration
1 Middle East / Africa 2 September, 10th
2 Asia Oceania 2 September, 17th
3 America 2 September, 24th
4 East Europe & CIS 4 October, 1st
5 Western Europe 4 October, 8th
6 Nordic 2 October, 15th

The rules for participation will be as follows:

  1. Request for participation on Toornament, according to the region of residence
  2. 48 hrs before the start of the tournament: confirmation of participation by Toornament
  3. 2 hrs before the start: reception of the tournament’s ID and password by e-mail
  4. Within 2 hrs of the start of the tournament: in-game access to the tournament
  5. Duration of the tournament: 4 hrs of intensive matches

At the end of the tournament, the champions who are eligible for participation and have respected all rules and procedures will be contacted by the ESWC and invited to compete in the Grand Final in Paris (travel and lodging paid for by the ESWC). 

2. Selections via affiliated tournaments

In September and October 2016, a series of local tournaments will be held to select a maximum of 32 champions to participate in the ESWC Grand Final in Paris. These tournaments may be online or offline, and will be organized by local partners of the ESWC. 

  • Country: Luxembourg
  • Organizer: 11F Gaming
  • Slot: One
  • Website:
  • Country: Inde
  • Organizer: NODWIN
  • Slot: One
  • Website:
  • CountryIran
  • Organizer: Cube
  • Slot: Two
  • Website:

If you are a tournament organizer and would like to affiliate your Clash Royale tournament with the ESWC qualifiers, please contact us: Two commitments are required: you must respect the regulations and provide travel to Paris for your champion!

3. Direct requests for participation in the Final Tournament

The ESWC Grand Final will be held on October 28th, 29th and 30th during the Paris Games Week in France, and will involve up to 128 competitors: 48 places are reserved for the winners of the qualifiers and 80 places are open for registration at this address: 

The 80 players selected from all of the requests will be announced in early October. The main criteria for selection are: a mix of participants, international representation and eligibility in accordance with tournament rules. At the end of the tournament, an amazing cash prize of USD$10,000 will be offered to the ESWC Champions in addition to in-game rewards.