CS:GO Women Tournament: teams revealed

21.09.2012 - All news « ESWC 2012 PGW »

Registrations for women CS:GO ended last tuesday and it’s time to reveal the selected teams for the offline finals.

First about the French teams, five were registered and instead of leave one we decided to give everyone a chance. They are all invited to compete at ESWC France in order to win the slot for the international final. Welcome to…

fr.png (16×11) Imaginary Gaming (PrincesS, AmandiiNe, TuEuSee’e, Cla, KLy)

fr.png (16×11) Team Crystal-Serv (Tetrah, Aphro, Xélia, Alejandra, chiffon)

fr.png (16×11) Millenium (Mar1on, Nasty, aLx, amE, Lalita)

fr.png (16×11) Team Quality-Serveur.com (DeSigN, Meeko, Dinaah, Bakée, JeNnY)   

fr.png (16×11) Team 3Dmax (Gwenn, Chel, Cerizz, RiMa, AyeM)

Then about the international teams, after a difficult selection process with hard choices, here are the selected teams which will compete during the international final:

-  be.png (16×11) Epsilon eSports (Foxglove, Jennyzz, Strawberry, fuRia, LrN)

-  us.png (16×11) Ubinited (missharvey, potter, ali, jso, sapphire)

-  de.png (16×11) Team ALTERNATE (beyoNd*, kathi, n i c i, iRene, Cazzidy)

-  se.png (16×11) PINK ZINIC (IpSa, lillsan, aNNa, HellRose, Llo)

-  gb.png (16×11) Reason Gaming (Abiii, Salah, Kaat, aNi-, Sephi)

-  cz.png (16×11) inFernity ladies (jance., Maiuska, Glee, LejuskA, Pinkdidi)

-  es.png (16×11) blackWidow (Elorita, Gata, Aidy, kYs, Barbara)


Great fights in sight, we wish good luck to all the teams. See you at for the tournament!