Trackmania at ESWC and first eSport VR competition

16.06.2015 - All news « ESWC 2015 PGW »

Trackmania² Stadium, official discipline of the ESWC 2015

For the ninth consecutive year, every time since the creation of the Stadium environment, Trackmania will be one of the official disciplines of the Electronic Sports World Cup. The world's best TM² Stadium drivers will meet during Paris Games Week to challenge the Canadian defending champion, Carl-Antoni Cloutier, who goes by the name Carl Jr. Final stages will be played on the ESWC Main Stage in front of 3,000 live spectators, with tens of thousands more watching the live streams.

Trackmania, Trackmania, the first eSport World Cup VR discipline

In 2015, Nadeo and the ESWC have once again innovated by organising the first virtual reality competition, called eSport VR. Every player involved in the ESWC Trackmania² Stadium PC final will be able to take part in a world first: a tournament involving a series of special tracks played wearing a VR headset while seated in a chair that rotates 720° along 3 axes : the MMOne.

These completely extraordinary conditions, involving physical forces in a virtual environment, will once again this year redefine eSport, which is more and more becoming THE entertainment of the 21st century. The MMOne will also be accessible by reservation to the general public attending Paris Games Week, by terms detailed prior to the event.

About MMOne

MMOne, developed by the Ukrainian start-up MM Company, is the first chair in the world that can swivel along 3 axes and is totally interactive. It is designed to function with virtual reality headsets. 2 prototypes will be installed at the ESWC, for Trackmania duels and the organisation of the first eSports World Cup VR.

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