Press accreditation ESWC PGW 2018

ESWC does not provide press accreditation to access Paris Games Week. If you wish to follow the ESWC as a press within Paris Games Week, you must apply for accreditation on the show platform at:

Accredited presses will be able to access the Paris Games Week's dedicated press area in Hall 2. The ESWC does not have a dedicated press area.

The press accreditation of Paris Games Week does not give access inside the ESWC tournament areas. Accredited presses can only enter the tournament areas with a member of the ESWC staff.

If you wish to make an ESWC cover at Paris Games Week (taking a photo and / or video image, interviewing, putting in contact with the organizers or with participants), we invite you to contact our press manager Grégoire Pascal at the address to prepare your coming.