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We are half-way of the qualifiers of the OMEN Trophy : PUBG, the ESWC's major tournament at Paris Games Week 2018. Sixteen teams of 4 players will compete on the ESWC booth stage from October 28th to October 30th to win the title and share the €50 000cash prize.

Logo OMEN Trophy : PUBG

Two qualifiers out of 4 have been completed (October 13 & 14) and it is Supremacy and beGenius-ESC that managed to get to the top of the ranking point, after 7 consecutive games.

Supremacy stomped the first qualifier to finish far ahead with 2696 points, 600 more than the second team in the ranking, Izako Boars.

The second qualifiers was tighter as the last game was crucial to determine the 1st place. Finally, beGenius-ESC was the best team in the ranking overall and won its slot for the Paris Games week too, with a total of 2012 points.

Both teams won their slots pour the OMEN Trophy : PUBG and €2000.

Two qualifiers still remains to know the four qualified team that will join the tournament. The next ones occurs on October 16-17th and October 20th.

You can watch the replay of the qualifiers here :

Here are the resulsts of the Qualifiers 1 & 2 :