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OMEN Trophy PUBG Qualifier #4

ESWC and OMEN by HP are welcoming you from October 28th to 30th at Paris Games Week 2018 to attend the first OMEN Trophy : PUBG! This huge competition will bring together 16 European squads of 4 players around the famous battle royale Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, edited by Bluehole. No less than 50 000 Euros will reward the best 8 formations at the end of the three days of tournament!

Among the 16 teams participating in the OMEN Trophy : PUBG, 4 will come from online qualifiers open to the entire community from 13 to 20 October. Indeed, thanks to OMEN by HP these 4 qualifications will offer each winner 2 000 Euros to help the teams to prepare their trip to the Paris Games Week.